Lawnmower or faux pils recipes?

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Lawnmower or faux pils recipes?

Postby big dave » Tuesday May 01, 2012 1:57 pm

Howdy all

Was wondering if anyone had a favourite AG recipe for a faux lager or other light-bodied ale. I will tweak it for a BIAB. I prefer heavier ales, but the cold weather is here, and with my set up I will struggle to keep most ale yeasts awake (14 deg in the old, broken fermenting fridge). I have a DrS Golden in there ticking away slowly with US05 at present. So I thought I might try for something uncomplicated. Which yeasts should I be looking at?

Or, thinking on the run, should I bite the bullet and actually do a proper lager?

O the decisions.... :)
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Re: Lawnmower or faux pils recipes?

Postby Mentalist » Saturday May 05, 2012 12:56 pm

You should do a a Lager or a Pils, use the Swiss Lager yeast ( S-189 ),its a happy camper at 14 degrees. Some of the other Lager yeasts get a little fruity at higher temps.
A nice basic Pils, some Hallertau for a German Pils or some Saaz for a Czech Pils and away you go...
Just remember to use 2 Pkts of dried yeast or a large starter for a Liquid Yeast.
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