My Rum recipie

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My Rum recipie

Postby Fearandloathing » Wednesday Jun 27, 2007 11:13 am

Hello everyone Im pretty new here so I thought Id share my rum recipie.
this is my recipie for a basic white rum. Its pretty cheap too.
I go to the rural supply store and buy a twenty litre bucket of blackstrap mollasses. It costs bugger all like 8 bucks or something.
I add 6 litres of blackstrap and 2 kilos of cheap homebrand brown sugar to 25 litres hot water. I use boiling water for the first 8-10 litres and dissolve the sugar and mollasses in that then fill the rest up with hot tap water. I wait until the next morning, then I stir in one packet of 48 hour turbo yeast. I then give it about 5-7 days at 25-30 degrees and shes ready for the still. It that easy.I throw out the first 100ml I try to collect the majority at around 80%. Even though I can strip it at 93% if I want. But if ya go much higher than 80% ya start to loose the flavour. I collect around 3 1/2 litres at 80%. I then mix it with distilled or rainwater to make it 8 litres then run it through the still again. throw out the first 50ml and only collect 3 litres after that at 80%. Im sure I probably throw out more than I need to but it helps improve the flavour. I then water it down a second time and run it through the still a third time and collect three litres again at 80%.
If I want a gold rum I wash a rough handful of raisins several times in scalding hot water. This removes the veggie oil they put on them then I roughly chop them up and soak them in the white rum along with a handful of toasted oak chips. I let it soak for about 3-4 weeks. I just shake the mix also whenever I think about it . Then I strain the mix through a coffee filter. Then I water it down to around 40%.

Oh yeah funny thing too. Now generally I find something pretty wrong with buying bottled water but a mate said to try watering my spirit with evian and I did. You can certainly taste the difference in my opinion and it makes the spirit smoother.
Also I have drank my rum after one distill but its pretty rough.
It works out at six litres of pretty good rum for about 17 bucks for me.


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Postby wildschwein » Sunday Sep 09, 2007 9:32 pm

Shit, that molasses is pretty cheap. Might have to hunt down some of that for my own supplies. I usually get it in 500g containers from the supermarket and it costs about $3.

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