Temperature controlled tea urn boiler systems

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Temperature controlled tea urn boiler systems

Postby Mr Ed » Sunday Aug 05, 2007 8:04 pm

Hello.... I'm Mr Ed.
I am thinking about building my own still ! I've done a fair bit of research on the subject, visited many sites, downloaded much stuff, pictures, etc.
There is still one area of which i am still not clear about.
Does anyone out there know anything at all about using a tea urn with a temperature controller as the boiler unit.
The one i am looking at is the new style with a plate / disc type element.
It has a neoprene type rubbery seal at the bottom to seal it from the electrics underneath it.
I figured if it is tough enough to withstand the normally boiling water routine,,,,,,,,it would be tough enough to withstand a wash with an alcohol content of the average wash.
I was also keen on the idea of temp control of the wash as it was distilling, rather than a random twim element on/off routine.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this.
Cheers. :idea:
Mr Ed
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Postby Brewaholic » Monday Aug 06, 2007 9:35 pm

Hi mate thermostats on stills dont work to get decent alcohol the temp needs to be as close to 78.5c as possible.
Those urns usually have around a 5 degree differential so the alc percent goes up and down drasticly with the temp putting out alot of impuritys with it.
You can just set them on boil and ajust the temp with the water flow through your reflux column assuming it has been designed with enough cooling capacity for the volume-amount of watts of your boiler :wink:
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