Raspberry Liqueur

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Raspberry Liqueur

Postby Matthew21 » Sunday Jan 04, 2009 11:49 am


I've been searching everywhere for a good raspberry liqueur recipe (similar to chambord).

The dont sell the essences for it, and short of fermenting a bucket of raspberries im out of ideas.

Anyone got any recipes or ideas?
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Re: Raspberry Liqueur

Postby KEG » Tuesday Jan 06, 2009 4:23 pm

Have a read of this, it actually explains the process well:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chambord_L ... _de_France

As a home-made item, you'll never get near it by just fermenting. You'd need to distill some clear spirit (wood chips might not be a bad idea, cognac is wood-aged), and soak the berries in the spirit. Perhaps freeze the berries first to rupture the cell walls, thus releasing more juice. Once that's done, if you're after a liqeur, mix some sugar syrup with it, and perhaps even a little honey.. It's all about experimentation though, perhaps just start with some cheap vodka and some commercial frozen berries?
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Re: Raspberry Liqueur

Postby DavidP » Tuesday Jan 06, 2009 10:33 pm

I've made a raspberry liqueur before. (it's one of my favorites)

I started with my own 60% vodka, filled up a jar with frozen raspberries then top up the jar with the 60% vodka.
Macerate for about a week.
pour off the alcohol and store in a seperate bottle.
pour white sugar on top of the remaining raspberries....enough to cover them.
when that turns to a syrup pour that off into another seperate bottle. repeat that process until you don't get anymore syrup from the berries.
then combine the alcohol and the syrup until you have the taste you like.
filter the liqueur through an unbleached coffee filter to get rid of any bits and pieces of fruit.

I beleive the higher the abv of the alcohol the faster it will soak into the fruit and if you started with a commercial 40% you would probably end up with a pretty weak liquor....which isn't so bad....all depends on what you like.
If you don't feel you got enough syrup out the raspberries you can always add a little more sugar water.
The same method can be done with strawberries and just about any other fruit. Mangos done that way has been VERY popular with my friends.
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