double runs?

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double runs?

Postby Shanus » Friday Feb 19, 2010 9:25 pm

when you do a double run throu a reflux still how much do u colect the first time and how much do you colect the second run?

can you re use the water you put throu the cooling side of the still to drink?
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Re: double runs?

Postby DavidP » Wednesday Feb 24, 2010 4:12 am

I guess you could use the water you put through to drink if you wanted? assuming you have nothing toxic in the make up of your cooling system.
if you got a 200ltr drum out of the quokka and a water pump you could use the same water over and over and not have to drink the water you use because you wouldn't be wasting it.

Instead of a double run through a reflux still most people use a pot still to strip their it hard and fast and strip out all the alcohol quickly save up a few of those and then run all that nice and slowly through the reflux still.
No one could tell you how much to collect on your second run. depends on what type of still and how much alcohol your putting in.
you would want to throw out the foreshot at the start even if you did that on the first run, and there would probably still be some heads in there so depending on how good your cuts are and how big your run is. You would want to throw out the heads too.
and as usuall collect until tails come through, the wet carboard smell and clouding will tip you off. and the lack of abv.
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