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Help with Kegging into a commercial barrel

PostPosted: Thursday Jun 09, 2011 5:32 am
by stoney65
Hi All

My first post!!
I have been making cider for a few years now and been happy with bottling and drinking!! my brew :roll:
this year after making 150 litres i'd like to try kegging and carbonating.
I have aquired a commercial Barrel (London Pride) and a hammer in stainless steel valve can show photos if required any ideas on how i can use this for my fermented apple juice???
Also how long do in need to leave cider in the bottle if i have added sugar to make it carbonate

Re: Help with Kegging into a commercial barrel

PostPosted: Friday Jun 10, 2011 1:02 pm
by Oliver
Hello and welcome Stoney,

A pic would be good if you're able.

Regarding how long you need to leave the cider in the bottle to carbonate it, that depends. First thing you need to remember is that it's the yeast eating the sugar that produced the carbonation. So it needs to be warm enough. A few days at 18-20C should be fine.

But then there's maturation. Bottle conditioned beer takes a few weeks at least before its "green" flavours dissipate and it starts to taste OK. Cider is much the same principle.