Jovial Monk HBS about to start on-line trading

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Jovial Monk HBS about to start on-line trading

Postby Jovial Monk » Monday Apr 04, 2011 2:08 pm


Some here may know that I used to run the Jovial Monk Home Brew Shop on Duthy St, Unley. I had to give that up for health reasons—arthritic hips, could no longer hack walking on the cement floors there 6days a week.

I am about to resume some trading on-line, selling:

- Terminator no-rinse sanitiser

- Turbo yeast, some spirit essences

- Nottingham and Windsor dry ale yeasts

- Wyeast liquid beer yeasts

- Fresh hops, mostly cones from NZ, plugs and limited types of pelleted hops

- Brew courses

- fresh wort kits contract brewed to your specification and recipe or I can work out a recipe in consultation

- recipes from my Series 2 and Part Mash Packs.

Sorry, no space to sell grain or facilities to make up Packs.

Will post here and on my site when 2011 hops are available.

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