Join Us For Short Brewing Course In Sydney

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Join Us For Short Brewing Course In Sydney

Postby costanzo » Monday Jul 25, 2011 5:09 pm

Spend 3 days from work and I'll show you how to brew like the professionals (5 days in total).

I can show you how because I started as a professional brewer in 1986. I've worked at Fosters at places around Australia including Matilda Bay. I've also worked as head brewer at Stockade microbrewery.

I now use my knowledge and experience to teach basic brewing techniques around Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

I am offering this 5 day course at the Rydges Hotel in Campbellfield which has a 500L microbrewery attached and currently brewing 4 beers for the restaurant and the Catholic Club.
We will be brewing on the 3rd day and putting into practice what we will learn in the preceding days.

The course will show you;

What are the 4 parameters that are in the control of the brewer and how to optimise each paramenter. Get any of these wrong and you will have inconsistent beer and flavour faults.
Beer is a food and like all food subject to deterioration. Learn how to minimise this effect.
Learn about the 2 most important things which affect your beer quality, and are just as important to the homebrewer as to the professional brewer.
Learn how to identify beer faults and what to do about them. How do you assess your beer in terms of flavour?
Why is equipment design important? I'll show you how to design your home brewery to optimise your flavour and consistency.
What about the ingredients? These deteriorate as well and it is important you can assess raw materials quality in order for you to avoid making bad beer.
To filter or not to filter beer. Does it really take out flavour. Know when to filter beer and how to do it properly.
Should you use preservatives? A balanced view of this often misunderstood subject.

These are some of the topics covered.

As one home brewer said;

" I recommend doing one of these courses, I did the 5 day Advanced Course in Sydney last year. Then I got Champion Brewer at the Castle Hill Comp after applying what I had learnt from the course into my brewing. Vince is a top guy too "

– Slangster on AHB (06/01/10)

Its not rocket science but a little knowledge and practice can go a long way. Then its up to you to make exceptional beer you and your friends will be proud of.

This course is also suitable for those contemplating starting their own microbrewery or those wanting to get a background knowledge to becoming a microbrewer.

I will also make this offer to AHB members. If you enrol by the 28th August I will give you FREE the informative book Brew Chem 101 which, in an easy to understand way, discusses the chemical aspect of brewing beer and has a very useful section on beer tasting and faults. This book is worth $38 and is my way of saying thank-you for doing the course.

Date 27th-31st August
Venue Rydges Hotel, Campbellfield
fee $970 + GST

For further information and enrollment form please go to
or call me on 0408 104 176
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