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Makers Mark Bourbon Whiskey (mid shelf)

PostPosted: Saturday Jun 15, 2013 6:45 pm
by shayneh2006
I am not sure if this topic qualifies to be posted here (Mods remove if needed).

I love my American Whiskey and when i saw this bargain, cashed in on 4 bottles (might buy more to keep me going :oops: )

Makers Mark Bourbon Whiskey (mid shelf)

First Choice Liqour’s standard price for this is $44 (Liqour Land even dearer) and with the coupon, brings it down to $34 and what you will pay for a bottom shelf Whiskey (Jim Beam White Label).

Dan Murphy’s standard price is $42. Simply print the coupon, take it to DM's and they take the 10 bux off their listed price.

Makers Mark Bourbon Whiskey @ $32/700ml is a steal.

11 days left before the deal expires.

Note: I have no affiliation in any of the Liqour stores mentioned