Not a good beer to be had ...

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Re: Not a good beer to be had ...

Postby Paley » Thursday Mar 16, 2017 7:51 pm

As a South Aussie I started my love of beer in the 70's enjoying Coopers. When all the boys were drinking West End I was getting into the Sparkling Ale and copping a bit of flack in the process, this was long before it became trendy, now most of them reckon its a damn good beer. Anyway we are a little spoilt here in Adelaide, there's usually always Coopers on the list at restaurants etc. (If you don't like Coopers I'd say you'd be dissapointed though) Went up to Cairns some years back for my brothers wedding, went to a drive through bottlo, but they only seem to have XXXX Gold or VB, getting hassled by the people behind getting impatient I settled for the XXXX, yuck. Left 3/4 of it in the apartment when we left. At least there was Little Creatures, Coopers and some others at the reception. But I could not beleive thats all they drink up there, everywhere we went, VB or XXXX Gold, if you ask for something else, tough luck.
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Re: Not a good beer to be had ...

Postby warra48 » Thursday Mar 23, 2017 3:35 pm

My golf club burnt down about 18 months ago. The rebuilt new clubhouse is scheduled for completion by the end of June this year.
I'm on good terms with the bar manager (he loves my homebrew), and I'm trying to do my best to get some decent beers on tap.
However, sadly, the usual thing is "we're tied to Caarllton Untied Brewery and we are allowed only 1 swinging tap". I don't like my chances of getting a decent beer from my local Murrays brewery on that one. Will probably end up with a Jimmy Squires of some sort.
Oh well, it's back to bottled Coopers.
How come the megabrewers get away with such a blatant restriction of trade? Where's the ACCC when they're needed?
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Re: Not a good beer to be had ...

Postby Guru » Friday Mar 24, 2017 5:10 pm

This gives me the shits. Mega breweries monopolizing the bars and telling us what to drink.
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