Fermentation issues? Brew buddy bitter

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Fermentation issues? Brew buddy bitter

Postby cafelinhchi » Thursday Jan 29, 2015 2:07 pm

Hi guys I have just done a brew buddy bitter with enhancer 2, it stopped fermenting after 1 day temp was 18degrees, is that to cold, OG was 1.040 now it's FG 1.013 about 3.7%, was told it should of been 4.7%, any ideas, I have steared it again and it's at 22degrees in cupboard upstairs, could I add more yeast?

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Re: Fermentation issues? Brew buddy bitter

Postby warra48 » Thursday Jan 29, 2015 10:19 pm

You sure your OG was 1.040 ? Will be difficult to get a 4.7% beer out of that. I often wonder out of which bit of air the kit manufacturers pluck those predicted figures.

Anyway, if you are correct about your OG of 1.040, then your fermentation at 18ºC was spot on, and you achieved a remarkable drop in one day of 67.5% apparent attenuation. It should drop some more, and would probably have kept chugging away, but at a slower rate at your original temperature, although you are probably not that far away from completing fermentation. Don't rely on airlock bubbles as an indicator of fermentation.

Don't add more yeast, it won't achieve anything at this stage. Just leave it to do its thing for another week or two. Don't let the temperature rise any higher if you can prevent it.
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