T500 still

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T500 still

Postby 6250 » Tuesday Mar 23, 2010 3:46 pm

G'day guys,
ive just read about a new still put out by Still Spirits called the Turbo 500.
it apparently is alot more efficient and after discarding the first 50ml u just let it go (u still need to keep an eye out for the temp) untill the out flow of alcohol stops.
has anyone heard any reports about this product and/or experiences with it?
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Re: T500 still

Postby DavidP » Wednesday Mar 24, 2010 6:53 am

even on the most efficient still you would need to throw away more than 50ml. Don't listen to only what the home brew shops tell you.
You would want to throw out the heads, other than the first 50ml the heads is where alot of hangover comes from.
Collect in small jars and smell the run at the different stages in the different jars. You'll see/smell for yourself that you'll get a cleaner product from throwing out the nasty smelling stuff.
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Re: T500 still

Postby turbo_brian » Friday Jan 06, 2012 4:28 pm

I have the T500, and my mother and her partner do as well.

It's an awesome still, everyone raves it's the duck's nuts of stills currently out!!!

When stilling with the T500, personally I keep the temps of the water betwee 55 and 60 degrees, no more, no less.

I get a good flow of alcohol from my wash, usually getting 4 - 4.5 litres at 92 - 96% (This is with me cutting the first 100mls of product).

((I was told and tested by smell, 50 - 80mls, but I figure throwing the first 100mls garauntees a better end result product, and seriously, with 4.5 litres of 90+% alcohol, does 20 - 50ml of product really matter, I would pull 120mls for perfection if I wasnt sure 100 was enough)).

My old's have pumped out a few batches of bourbons, rum, cocnut rum, and other product, and have never had issues with hangovers or quality.

A trick with bourbon, a demijohn of wood shavings, fill with about 4 litres of spirit and top up as required (about 2 litres extra top-up before adding/replacing the chips) and you add about a cup-full of the wood-shaving spirit to a 1.125ml bottle of the mixed bourbon, and it takes away the bite from the spirit, making for a far smoother bourbon product at the end. I use the Classic essence bourbon (2 satchels in a paper packet) and I have compared this with all the bottom-shelf bourbons, and even up to Makers mark, and I personally prefer the home brew for smooth and full flavour (again, personal preference).

With Rum, my olds do the same, rum barrel shavings in a demijohn soaked in spirits for a minimum 14 days, then add a glass full to each batch, and the results speak (taste) for themselves...

I am not sure why the T500 is such a good still, but for now I am working with it, it's pulling commercial quality in the kitchen of my home, so I wont be complaining about it.

Happy stilling gents (and ladies).

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