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Postby Oliver » Thursday Jan 03, 2013 8:19 am

Hi all,

This morning I added a "Similar topics" function to the forum.

At the bottom of each thread there is now a list of five suggested topics that are similar to the one being viewed.

The similar topics suggestions work by matching keywords in the current post with those in other posts. I've excluded obvious keywords such as beer, homebrew, etc, which means the suggestions should be reasonably accurate.

Of course, because there's not a little man in your computer making sure that the suggestions really are similar sometimes they may be a bit off :D

If you notice consistently dissimilar threads being suggested PM me the link to the thread and I'll have a look and perhaps refine the list of excluded words.

Hopefully some of you find this feature useful.

(Remember that in most browsers you can open links in a new window and leave the current window open by Ctrl+Clicking.)


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