Welcome to Oliver and Geoff's homebrewandbeer.com. Our site is about making and enjoying beer.

Many people, in their search for good beer, have turned to homebrewing. It's easy to make a beer that is better than mainstream brews in many parts of the world. Others homebrew simply because it is cheap.

Are you just getting in to homebrewing and not quite sure where to start? Well, throw away the instructions that came with the kit and have a look around our site and perhaps even join our homebrew and beer forum to discover just how easy it is to make good beer by following just a few simple steps.

Whatever your interest in beer, join us and share the joy.

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Latest additions

We're rebuilding and redesigning our site with new sections and even more information on beer and homebrewing. For that reason, we are no longer updating this version of the site. Come back soon to see the new and improved homebrewandbeer.com.

On January 30, 2011, we added:

On December 21, 2010, we added tasting notes of Beard and Brau Bon Chiens, Beard and Brau Golden Paw Pale Ale, Beard and Brau Red Tail, Bootleg Oatmeal Stout, Boston's Mill Pale Ale, Epic Pale Ale, Hargreaves Hill, Extra Special Bitter, Hargreaves Hill Stout, Hawthorn Amber Ale, Hawthorn Pilsner, Hawthorn Premium Pale Ale, Kooinda Pale Ale, Moo Brew Imperial Stout Vintage 2009, Mountain Goat Rare Breed India Pale Ale, Stone & Wood Stone Beer and White Rabbit White Ale to the Reviews page.

This takes the number of reviewed beers to 292 since 2001.


Homebrew and beer forum

Join our forum to discuss beer, homebrew, sport and life in general. With sections to exchange recipes, tip off members about bargains, exchange hints and ideas and lots more, it's a great community to become involved in. Non-members can browse posts.

The Millennium Ale Project

One hundred beers for 100 years. Find out more, read the recipe, see pictures of the brewing and bottling, and read the tasting notes for the Millennium Ale.

Geoff's Grand Ridge Brewery Haiku Project

Geoff's reviews of the beers of Australia's Grand Ridge Brewery in haiku, the 17-syllable poetry of Japan. He cast aside the ranking of beers according to numerical scales, stars and other forms of lineal grading. Read his haiku here.

The Dead Marine Project

Why are empty beer bottles called “dead marines”? Discover here how our curiousity was aroused and read suggestions from visitors to our site.


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