Sierra Nevada Porter

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Sierra Nevada Porter

Postby rwh » Monday May 21, 2007 5:51 pm

So, using these two sources: ... any#Porter

Here's my recipe:

3.25kg of Pale Malt Extract (syrup)
275g of Chocolate Malt
275g of Crystal 60L Malt
200g of Munich Malt
100g of Black Patent Malt

65g Goldings (5%) at 60 minutes
25g of Willamette (5%) at 40 minutes
15g of Willamette (5%) at 20 minutes
Yeast: American Ale (1056)
BG for 13L 1.079
OG for 23L 1.048
Total IBUs 39

Any comments?
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Postby chris. » Monday May 21, 2007 6:12 pm

I can't comment specifically on the SN porter but I have been making my fair share of porters recently.

For specialty grains I like -
150-200g each of dark crystal (cara aroma) & standard crystal.
150g of pale choc
50g of roast (carafa special).
400g of brown malt
750g of munich
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Postby lethaldog » Monday May 21, 2007 6:36 pm

A really nice porter i did recently:

4.5kg ale malt
400 gm crystal
400 gm dark munich
300 gm choc
50 gms roasted

60 gm E.K.G ( 60 mins)
20 gm E.K.G ( 30 mins)

1/2 teaspoon irish moss

Wyeast irish ale ( 1 litre starter)

Mashed for 60 mins at 68*C and fly sparged ( mash 14 litres) ( sparge 18 litres)

Boiled for 60 mins yada yada yada and chilled, pitched yeast and you know the rest :lol: :wink:

Beautiful drop!!
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