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Oliver and Geoffby

Whopping flavour
Geoff: If Maggie Beer's Burnt Fig Jam was a beer, it would be Dogbolter. A bit thin of head, but whopping of flavour. Rating: 3.5
Oliver: Almost exactly the same colour as Theakston Old Peculier (they were tasted by Oliver in succession) and with a more foamy head. The head is also long-lasting. Chocolate on the nose. Harsh hop character, probably from the use of the dreaded Pride of Ringwood hop, or is it the dark grains imparting that astringency? Tastes like a homebrew. Also tastes like the Hahn Millennium Ale. OK, but nothing to write home about. Rating: 2.5

Retasting on August 8, 2004
Matilda Bay Brewing had recently reformulated this beer, making it more like the beer that it began life as.
COMMENTS: Geoff: “Like an iced coffee.” Tastes like dark chocolate. “Probably better as an afternoon beer than a morning beer,” says guest reviewer Gavan.

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